[all] ITS to XLIFF Mapping

Hi all,

In Prague we discussed a bit about the need to have a common way to represent ITS data categories in XLIFF, and a possible best practice document on this.

I've started a wiki page with some notes on mapping ITS data categories to XLIFF markup, it's here:

Some parts of ITS can be mapped directly to existing XLIFF elements or attributes, other parts will need to use some form of extension. We should probably agree on a namespace for those and, once we have the mapping completed, create a schema for it to go with the table.

Currently the Okapi libraries use its own namespace for the extensions, but we'll adjust this to the common one.

How should we proceed?

I suppose some of us can have a chat about this next week at Redmond/Seattle, but we probably want to have a thread on this in this mailing list. As long as it's correctly labeled people not affected can identify and skip those emails.

What do you think Felix? Should I raise an issue so we can track this?


Received on Friday, 12 October 2012 12:42:45 UTC