Re: Sections for HTML local implementation?

Hi Shaun,
I think the intention is that the data category definition specify the semantics in a language independent manner. It's a hang over from its 1.0 that the camel case names we give these attributes are the same as used in the XML version. 

The table you produced showing how the XML and HTML mapping a to the data categories and their attributes helps make the mapping from semantics to these more explicitly.


On 9 Oct 2012, at 22:07, Shaun McCance <> wrote:

> Currently, the Implementation sections for the date categories give
> the global and local implementation details, but the local details
> generally only give the names of the XML attributes. Should we have
> extra sections for the local HTML implementation details?
> Also, would it be worthwhile to use actual subsections, instead of
> leading paragraphs prefixed with "GLOBAL:" and "LOCAL:"?
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> Shaun

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