[ACTION-222] Add section 1.3.5 on usage by localisation workflow managers

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Usage by Localization workflow managers

Localization Workflow managers setting up new automated workflows
originating in Content and Web Management Systems
Owners of ITS decorated content want their internationalization and
localization related metadata to survive the roundtrip. Localization
workflow managers should pay attention to roundtripping the ITS data
categories introduced by their customers up in the tool chain. There
is also potential to interpret generic mark up in terms of ITS on
extraction, eventually introduce relevant XML or HTML versions, or
XLIFF mappings of ITS data categories during the localization
roundtrip. Categories like “translate” should drive extraction of
localizable context, terminology and disambiguation markup should be
passed onto human and machine translators, proper interpretation of
directionality mark up is a must for sound handling of bidirectional
content using Arabic and Hebrew scripts.

Localization Workflow managers hooking up their existing automated
workflows to Content and Web Management Systems
The above considerations are especially valid when hooking up existing
localization workflows upwards into the tool chain. Existing workflows
should introduce mappings of ITS data categories used in source
content, so that the metadata flow is not broken throughout the
content life cycle, of which localization workflow is a critical value
adding segment.

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