RE: [All] Prague and next call Monday 3 p.m. UTC, plus editing call

Dear Colleagues,

May we have the presentations as well? (as guest participants of the meeting)
I also wanted to ask about the work with the ITS2.0 editor’s copy: if we’d like to make comments/changes in the Terminology section or in another one related to our use case – shall we send the proposal to this list or we could have an access with editing rights? Thank you in advance!

I would also like to thank you all for the interesting and productive meeting as well as warm and friendly atmosphere in Prague! :)

With best wishes,

Tatiana Gornostay | Terminology Services

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To: Jan Nelson
Subject: Re: [All] Prague and next call Monday 3 p.m. UTC, plus editing call

Thanks for the reminder. Jan. I had posted it to the EU internal list - I'll send it to the members only list (since it is still under revision) of the working group again.

2012/9/27 Jan Nelson <<>>
Did the .ppt that Arle was creating get posted?  Love to review it.

From: Felix Sasaki [<>]
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Subject: [All] Prague and next call Monday 3 p.m. UTC, plus editing call

Hi all,

thank you all for Prague, it was a great meeting, with a great host, great food, great discussions and demos, and a great atmosphere. In summary: it was great :)

The next call will be Monday, 3 p.m. UTC. See the updated time schedule at
note also the upcoming time zone change. We will keep UTC times, so just click on the links at
for November and you have "your" time.

Note also that the wiki now mentions the editing calls we discussed in Prague.

On monday we will discuss

- too many pointer attributes
- domain in HTML5
- original line break type

Proposals for the editing call are welcome, otherwise we implement the topics that have a resolution.



Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow

Felix Sasaki
DFKI / W3C Fellow

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