Re: MultilingualWeb-LT working group: question about CURIEs and their use outside RDFa.

On 6/22/2012 12:19 PM, Maxime Lefrançois wrote:
>> I think that we should't use CURIEs in ITS 2.0. I thinkt that most
>> datacatogies containing URI will be machine generated in practice. It
>> doesn't make sense to make processing more complex then it has to be.
> Ok, anyone else has a thought about that ? should we do a poll ?

Jirka's comment makes sense. This is pretty much machine territory here. 
If it makes the transformation easier to implement, I'm in favor of this 
change. -- Tadej

> If no one else is keen to reduce verbosity (=size) of HTML + ITS 2.0 documents, and we think that URIs will always be machine generated and machine processed, let's not use CURIEs, that will lighten the rec and my job.
> Maxime

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