RE: [ACTION-94]: go and find examples of concept ontology

Hi Felix, Pedro, Tadej, all,

>> 4) Would 1-2 be consumed by an MT tool, or by other tools?
> These can be basically consumed by language processing tools,
> like MT, and other Linguistic Technology that needs content or 
> semantic info. For instance Text Analytics, Semantic search, etc..
> In the localization chains, these information can be also used 
> by automatic or semiautomatic processes (like selection of
> dictionaries for translations, or selection of translators/revisers
> by subject area)

FWIW: I've listed an Okapi 'step' as consumer for namedEntity and textAnalysisAnnotation: It would send data to process in HTML format to the producer (e.g. Enrycher), get back the annotated HTML, read the annotation and store them in its internal format, and then a next step could use the annotations to produce some type of output along with a translation kit: notes in an XLIFF document, look-up file, etc. something that could be used by translators for reference.


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