Re: [all] Call for consensus: Preserve Space

On Wed, 2012-07-11 at 18:27 -0400, Shaun McCance wrote:
> The Preserve Space data category is used to indicate how whitespace
> should be handled in conent. The possible values for the Preserve
> Space data category are "default" and "preserve" and carry the same
> meaning as the corresponding values of the xml:space attribute.

The default value is "default".

> The Preserve Space data categor can be expressed with global rules,
> or locally using the standard xml:space attribute.
> GLOBAL: The preserveSpaceRule element contains the following:
> * A required selector attribute. It contains an XPath expression
> which selects the nodes to which this rule applies.
> * A required space attribute with the value "default" or "preserve".

Still interested in people's opinions on the HTML/CSS questions
below, but at the least, we should probably add something like:

For HTML documents, implementations MUST use "preserve" as the
default value for pre elements and their descendants.

> --------------------
> Open questions for the group:
> CSS defines a broader set of values for the white-space property:
> Since HTML5 is a major target of ITS 2.0, should we try to use
> these values instead? The CSS "normal" and "pre" values map to
> the XML "default" and "preserve" values exactly, I believe.
> Also, do we have any precedent for setting data categories based
> on HTML+CSS? It occurs to me that if you use a tool chain that
> can apply CSS rules, you could query the white-space property
> for a node. Requiring CSS processing is probably too much, but
> should we say that an implementation MAY apply CSS rules and
> query the white-space property? If yes, and if we only use the
> xml:space values, we have to define a mapping.
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> Shaun

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