[all] Call for consensus: Preserve Space

The Preserve Space data category is used to indicate how whitespace
should be handled in conent. The possible values for the Preserve
Space data category are "default" and "preserve" and carry the same
meaning as the corresponding values of the xml:space attribute.

The Preserve Space data categor can be expressed with global rules,
or locally using the standard xml:space attribute.

GLOBAL: The preserveSpaceRule element contains the following:

* A required selector attribute. It contains an XPath expression
which selects the nodes to which this rule applies.

* A required space attribute with the value "default" or "preserve".

Open questions for the group:

CSS defines a broader set of values for the white-space property:


Since HTML5 is a major target of ITS 2.0, should we try to use
these values instead? The CSS "normal" and "pre" values map to
the XML "default" and "preserve" values exactly, I believe.

Also, do we have any precedent for setting data categories based
on HTML+CSS? It occurs to me that if you use a tool chain that
can apply CSS rules, you could query the white-space property
for a node. Requiring CSS processing is probably too much, but
should we say that an implementation MAY apply CSS rules and
query the white-space property? If yes, and if we only use the
xml:space values, we have to define a mapping.


Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2012 22:27:24 UTC