Re: [ACTION-155] (related to [ISSUE-16]) parameters for rules

On 6.7.2012 8:52, Yves Savourel wrote:

> - We don't have restrictions about not using variables in XPath expressions, but we don't have a way to declare them and provide defaults. So I think it's important to have <its:param> (isn't it like fixing a 1.0 oversight?)

Actually declared variables are part of XPath context. As we haven't
said anything about XPath context i ITS 1.0 no variables were declared.
So I think that ITS 1.0 is in this aspect fine (although it contains
another small problems related to XPath integration).

> - Should we make a distinction between:
> A) supporting <its:param>, that it: understanding <its:param> and providing the defaults value to the XPath engine,
> and B) (in addition) supporting overriding the ITS parameters, that is: providing a way (tool-specific) to set values other than the defaults?

I think that we should say:

- implementation MUST support its:param
- implementation SHOULD provide means for changing its:param and such
means are implementation defined


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