RE: [all] Values for Disambiguation Granularity

> We can't change HTML handling of these values. But we could 
> require producers of these values to be lower case, that is:
> ontology-concept
> lexical-concept
> would this solve the problem? I checked
> it seems (see the "value" elements in the schema file) that ontologyConcept and 
> lexicalEntity are the only values that would need to be changed.

There are also all the data category identifiers used in annotatorsRef I suppose.

>From an implementation viewpoint it is not a big deal to treat HTML and XML differently I was mostly thinking about the test suite. There is a MUST in that paragraph, so we should have tests to validate all cases where this occurs.

Keeping things as it is now is OK (a bit annoying, but OK) in my implementer opinion.
Leroy and Dom may have a different view.


Received on Monday, 3 December 2012 13:34:23 UTC