Re: [all] Values for Disambiguation Granularity

Am 03.12.12 13:46, schrieb Yves Savourel:
> Hi Jirka, Felix, all,
>> That's not necessary, see:
>> "Values of attributes which corresponds to data categories with a predefined set of values MUST be matched case-insensitively."
> Sorry, I missed that.
> Mmmm... So a tool must accept "OntologyCONCEPT" in HTML but must accept only "ontologyConcept" in XML?
> I don't like that. For us, in many places it's the exact same code that process the XML and HTML data.
> This will force the implementation to treat the validation of the values differently. Obviously this is doable, but that's one more thing to code, to test, etc.
> Other than for the lang values that are a special cases, is this a necessity?

We can't change HTML handling of these values. But we could require 
producers of these values to be lower case, that is:
would this solve the problem? I checked
it seems (see the "value" elements in the schema file) that 
ontologyConcept and lexicalEntity are the only values that would need to 
be changed.


> cheers,
> -yves

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