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Thanks for the confirmation Arle.




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Hi Yves,


Précis is a somewhat unusual word on American English that is used primarily in academic circles. I have never seen is spelled as precise, so that is definitely out. I have seen it on occasion spelled as precis, but I think that was only by people who didn't know how to type the acute accent.


So use précis. For an attribute name I think dropping the accent is not a problem, but definitely don't add the e to the end as that is, as you note, a totally different word.



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I guess Mr. Webster says it's "Précis" in US spelling too.

So I'll go with that rather than "Precise" expect if someone tells me otherwise by tomorrow European EOD.


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Hi everyone,

Sorry I couldn't make the call.

<joerg> What about naming conventions: Localization Quality Precis 
(mixed en-US + fr-FR) vs. Localization Quality Precise (en-US)?

Actually it was Phil who proposed "Précis" so I assume it's somewhat English too. I suppose we should use the US spelling indeed. But so far the US Webster tells me "Precise" is an adjective, not a noun.

So what should I use? I'll ask in my office, but if anyone is an authority on US spelling I'm listing.
It would be nice to know quite soon: we IDs to not change if possible.



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