Re: forbiddenCharacters data category - related to [ACTIOn-189]

On 27.8.2012 13:56, Felix Sasaki wrote:

>> My question then is: how do you work with such character and XML regex?
>> If you can't then that's one more reason to avoid using XML regex.
> I would propose to avoid the regex completely then, since it seems that
> then the proposal from Jirka at
> wouldn't be a solution too.

If you will list allowed characters (instead forbidden) you don't need
way how to enter C0 and C1 characters as those can't be expressed in XML

> We had concerns about the regex before, and Michael said this data category
> would fulfil his needs without the regex. So let's go forward with that.
> Otherwise we will create regex that don't work with the content we want
> them to work on.

If we need to restrict characters that are allowed for translations
regexes are minimum. For some languages even more complex solutions
which work on top of regexps might be needed, for example CREPDL schema

We really shoudln't reinvent wheel and use existing standardized stuff.
Having comma separated list of forbidden characters is something which
is not used elsewhere.


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