Re: [ACTION 189] Split special requirements into several data categories

+1 for what Yves says. I think there is a good reason to let this apply to the source as well if we want to tie into authoring. Recall that the name, at least in principle, includes internationalization, not just localization, and length could be a very important characteristic for internationalization. For example, you could author a document and pass it on for a pre-translation review, in which case the reviewer might well need to know this constraint in the source, not just the translation.


On Aug 13, 2012, at 15:27 , Yves Savourel <> wrote:

>> About the text saying that the attribute only 
>> relates to the translated content:
>> Why should this also apply to the original text? Is 
>> not the content provider of the original text the 
>> one who also states the ITS attributes?
> Sure. But how can we make the distinction between before and after translation when looking at the document just from an ITS viewpoint? I guess what I'm wondering is if we could not simplify things by applying the rule to the content (whether it's already translated or not) rather than a specific stage. After all, I assume the cases where the restrictions apply only to the translation are limited.
> Hopefully others will have some input on this.
> Cheers,
> -yves 

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