Re: [ISSUE-164][ACTION-164] ITS2NIF2ITS - RDF roundtrip

Hi Jirka,
you found an interesting point.

I wrote some notes on the optimization:

I think, it  generally depends on the use case, whether you would 
optimize.  Do you think we should specify/limit what optimizations are 
possible? It might be easier to explain implications to help developers, 
but leave the implementation under-specified.
Do you think I should remove them from the algorithm description and 
move them to a completely different section? Would this help the 
structure of the document?

All the best,

Am 09.08.2012 09:51, schrieb Jirka Kosek:
> On 8.8.2012 15:38, Sebastian Hellmann wrote:
>> Of course it is not perfect yet, but we believe that it is already very
>> agreeable. Please have a look and give your opinion.
> Hi folks,
> thanks for this. Although I can't say I have deep understanding what's
> going on in all this mapping, I have question which can indicate
> potential issue in mapping.
> In document, you say:
> "Example (continued; note that e.g. "/html/body[1]/text()[1]" has been
> pruned and the newline and white space in
> "/html/body[1]/h2[1]/text()[3]" was removed):"
> What are the exact rules for removing whitespaces? Note that in some
> cases (in mixed content) whitespace is very fragile and shouldn't be
> changed.
>     Jirka

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