RE: [ISSUE-75] - Domain - 1.


One of my comments related to "domain" (see was the following:

1.       As it stands, "domain" only allows "pointing". Some scenarios may require a "direct encoding" (e.g. via something like its-domain="financials")

Jörg summarized the e-mail exchange related to this as follows (see

1. has not been resolved so far. The proposed new feature would allow
for the direct encoding (either through a string value, or an URI/IRI)
of domain information. This feature is supported by at least two
implementers (Pablo and Yves) with their implementation scenarios
(machine translation application, and ITS/XLIFF mapping -- XLIFF does
not have a domain concept). Since the ITS 2.0 domain category has
already been implemented by several (> 5 organizations) including
appropriate test instances, and given the overall process and time frame
of ITS 2.0, it is suggested to reject this comment, and to open an RFE
(ie. new feature/feature extension) for future ITS versions.

>From my understanding, we were waiting for comments from the implementers (see Felix' request to them in related to the possibility to implement.


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