[ISSUE-75] - Domain - Shepherd

Hi Christian and all,

With the shepherd's hat for domain I would like to move the status of 
your comment on the "Domain Data Category" forward. Please have a look 
at the following description and my suggestions for the process.

The related comment on ITS 2.0 Draft was raised on Jan 10, 2013; see: 

After several email communications we have the follow state as of Jan 
22, 2013:

1. has not been resolved so far. The proposed new feature would allow 
for the direct encoding (either through a string value, or an URI/IRI) 
of domain information. This feature is supported by at least two 
implementers (Pablo and Yves) with their implementation scenarios 
(machine translation application, and ITS/XLIFF mapping -- XLIFF does 
not have a domain concept). Since the ITS 2.0 domain category has 
already been implemented by several (> 5 organizations) including 
appropriate test instances, and given the overall process and time frame 
of ITS 2.0, it is suggested to reject this comment, and to open an RFE 
(ie. new feature/feature extension) for future ITS versions.

2b. has been resolved with a remark to the similarity of how to apply 
the matching of language tags. Apparently everybody has aggreed, and 
therefore this comment is rejected because of a successful 
clarification. No further action is needed for this comment.

2a. has also not been resolved so far. Nevertheless it seems that there 
is consensus regarding the necessity to raise a new feature request for 
future ITS 2.0 versions. This new feature would allow for the assignment 
of domain information (through the domain mapping facility) depending on 
or constrained for particular ITS consumers such as machine translation 
systems. This feature can be viewed as a data category that introduces 
workflow related information into the markup framework. Given the 
overall implication for the ITS 2.0 process and the current time frame, 
it is suggested to reject this comment too, and to raise an RFE (ie. new 
feature/feature extension) for a future ITS version.

You may certainly discuss this further at the f2f in Prague so that we 
easily get to a general agreement.

Thanks again for your valuable comments, and all the best,


Received on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:38:53 UTC