Re: [ISSUE-84]: ITS 2.0 requirements w.r.t Indian [Indic] languages, was: Re: ITS 2.0 requirements w.r.t Indian languages plus new comments on www-international list

Hi Somnath,
I'd like to respond in more detail about your comment on the need for 
some transliteration support in relation to the use of the translate 
data category for Indic languages.

Such a requirement was in fact identified by the WG at the requirements 
gathering stage, see the requirement document:

This proposal took the form of a separate data category, specifically to 
indicate that the selected content should be transliterated. However, 
there was not at the time a strong enough drive from anyone to implement 
such a data category, so it was not moved forward into the specification.

As I recall, the discussion was that while it was important to indicate 
_whether_ text needed to be translated or not, there was not a strong 
use case for indicating _how_ it should be translated (e.g. human 
translation, machine translation, transliteration, pseudotransaltion). 
The 'how' was typically left to the descretion of the translation 
service provider, within the parameters of translation project (e.g. 
timing, quality, cost etc). Such parameters were generally considered 
outside the scope of ITS since they relate to service level and 
contractual agreements that would be too competitively sensitive to 
yield good interoperability use cases.

Note that such a separate transliteration data category was the a 
preferred solution as opposed to adding an attribute to the translate 
data category. This is because the latter would impact negatively both 
on the backward compatibiltiy of this data category with its use in 
ITS1.0 as well as on the direct mapping of this data category to the 
translate attribute now included in the HTML5 specification - both of 
which are seen as important to the easy uptake of ITS2.0.

It is probably therefore quite late in the process to reconsider 
reintroducing a transliteration data category. However, to understand 
and record your requirements more completely, is there a specific use 
case where a translator would need to be instructed on whether to 
translate or transliterate some text, or would translators typically be 
the ones to make this decision?

Please let us know if you find this response satisfactory. I'd encourage 
anyone else in the WG with in interest in this issue to add their input 
to resolvign this issue (Yves, Shaun, I think you were involved in the 
original discussions).

Kind Regards,
Dave Lewis

On 21/01/2013 15:02, Dave Lewis wrote:
> Hi,
> To speed the resolution of the different issues in your original post 
> I'll restricted ISSUE-84 to comments about the translate data category 
> and raised two new issues:
> ISSUE-108: locNote ITS 2.0 requirements w.r.t Indian [Indic] languages
> ISSUE-109: disambiguation ITS 2.0 requirements w.r.t Indian [Indic] 
> languages
> Regards,
> Dave
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