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Proceeding with [Core] via email discussion (Was Re: Postponed beginning for [Education], agenda for [Core])

From: Jeff Jaffe <jeff@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2014 10:17:34 -0500
Message-ID: <5492F00E.1050204@w3.org>
To: public-most-important-priorities@w3.org
On today's scheduled [Core] call there was disappointing attendance and 
insufficient critical mass to make progress.

We decided to progress via mailing list and wiki for now, until our 
first phone call a month from now (January 15th).

Here are some relevant points.

1. The agenda for today's call was comprised of a set of questions 
below.  I invite discussion of these questions on the mailing list as a 
way to move this forward.

2. If there are other items that you feel we should explore as part of 
"what is most important for the core of the Web", please add your 
thoughts as well.

3. Early next year, the Team will try to address some of these questions 
as well.  That will provide further fodder for our discussion.  Let me 
know if you have questions/comments for the Team.


On 12/9/2014 9:39 PM, Jeff Jaffe wrote:
> Here is the agenda for the Core call on 18 December.
> 1. Application Foundations - do we have the right categories?
>   * Are there topics that are currently omitted that should be added?
>       o For example, at the TPAC breakout, Daniel Glazmann proposed
>         that we needed to focus on UI requirements as well.
>   * Is the taxonomy correct?  Should the functions be re-factored
>     differently (move things around between categories; subdivide
>     categories)
> 2. Developer input.  Most of us work inside organizations that produce 
> infrastructure - we don't have sufficient number of developers in the 
> discussion.  How do we get more developer input?  What kind of 
> roadshow might work?  This would help us answer questions such as:
>   * Are we providing developers what they need in each area. For
>     example: are we providing everything needed to ensure secure apps?
>     Are we providing everything that is needed to deal with responsive
>     design?  Are we making all the knobs needed available for
>     performance?  How should the task force start taking on these
>     questions?
> 3. Next steps:
>   * Description of Application Foundations: Is the description in the
>     blog post accurate?  Is it at the right level of description? 
>     Does it need more detail?  Less detail?
>   * Mapping of existing work: Assemble a list of all existing work and
>     make clear which category it fits in.
> I don't expect to reach closure on these items, but we should discuss 
> how we make progress during the course of this effort.
> The next meeting of Core is 15 January; then bi-weekly after that.
> I will do some work on the wiki in the next few days to reflect our 
> status.
> Jeff
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