Strawman Promises consensus position, based on Thursday's telechat

*<<*At the end of Thursday's telechat, there was still no smooth 
consensus of the TF detected.

However, there was a position proposed that might serve as something 
people could live with.
I've tried to capture it below; I'd like people on the list to reply 
with one of:

"I can live with it"
"I cannot live with it"

This is done in order to get a sense of the group - I have a feel, but 
want it verified.
I'm sure there will be other comments. Bring them on.


On the promises, the following is the strawman consensus position:

In the version of getusermedia that gets sent out for Last Call, we make 
the following changes:


    navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia gets changed to return a promise.


    applyConstraint returns a promise.


    enumerateDevices returns a promise.


    navigator.getUserMedia has callbacks


    We do not re-discuss whether or not to remove navigator.getUserMedia
    from the spec in the foreseeable future (2 years?)

<<< note: I*'**m not sure if the next piece belongs or not. It serves to 
make the definition complete,
and was certainly described in Jan-Ivar's slides. Comments welcome. >>>


The definition of navigator.getUserMedia in the spec will be that it 
will behave exactly like:

navigator.prototype.getUserMedia = function(constraints, success, failure) {
   var p = navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia(constraints);
   p.then(success, failure);


Fire away!

Received on Friday, 3 October 2014 10:01:04 UTC