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Re: Minutes of MAWG Telecon

From: Mari Carmen Suárez de Figueroa Baonza <mcsuarez@fi.upm.es>
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2011 19:34:49 +0200
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To: tobias@tobiasbuerger.com
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Dear Tobias,

El 08/06/2011 8:29, Tobias Bürger escribió:
> (2) With respect to the comments from Mari-Carmen about ontologies 
> currently used in the Linked Data area:
> What additional vocabularies do you have in mind that not already are 
> on our radar? The things I know out there use vocabularies that either 
> we provided mappings for or that provided mappings to our ontology 
> themselves (in case of M3O) or that use our ontology (in case of the 
> EventMedia stuff). The only bigger effort in the Linked Data and 
> multimedia area I am aware of that uses an ontology which is not in 
> our scope is the work from BBC. They use the music ontology and other 
> related vocabularies which we did not put into our scope because of 
> their sole focus on audio.
I had in mind the work from BBC; not only the Music Ontology 
Specification but also the Programmes Ontology 
(http://www.bbc.co.uk/ontologies/programmes/2009-09-07.shtml) that at 
some point is related to multimedia resources in a particular case. I 
did not know you already discussed about this issue.
I had also in mind other vocabularies in the Linked Data area, such as 
those available here 
Maybe they are a little transverse to the Media Ontology, but I think it 
could be useful to provide how to align them.
> (3) With respect to the formation of a dedicated group on Linked Data 
> + Multimedai:
> We discussed this already in the past. WE could not find many reasons 
> which would demand a dedicated group on this topic as (a) the 
> combination of Linked Data and multimedia is "just" an application 
> case for multimedia; I admit a slightly more complex and maybe more 
> interesting, but many key issues can be drilled down to issues with 
> Linked Data (publishing, interlinking, consumption) themselves (b) 
> Other issues were addressed by the fragments working group (c) 
> Dedicated vocabulaires are in my point of view independent of their 
> use with Linked Data
> Maybe you have specific topics in mind that would demand a group which 
> I do not see?
I see your points.
With respect to my comment during the telecon, I was just thinking on 
how the Media Ontology could be reused/extended in linked data 
applications as well as how to create (semi)automatically multimedia 
datasets according to the Media Ontology (plus others if necessary).
In addition, I think about to extend the Media Ontology with more 
knowledge in order to obtain an ontology for representing also the 
content of a media resource. This could be very useful for applications 
that search for resources that contains particular issues.
> For my view on this topic and the issues I see you might want to have 
> a look at the following publications:
Thank you very much for these pointers. They look very interesting :-D.

Best Regards,

         Mari Carmen.
> Tobias Bürger and Michael Hausenblas "Interlinking Multimedia - 
> Principles and Requirements" In: Proceedings of the First 
> International Workshop on Interacting with Multimedia Content on the 
> Social Semantic Web, co-located with SAMT 2008, Dec, 3.-5., 2008
> Michael Hausenblas, Raphael Troncy, Tobias Bürger, and Yves Raimond 
> "Interlinking Multimedia: How to Apply Linked Data Principles to 
> Multimedia Fragments" In: Proceedings of Linked Data on the Web 
> (LDOW2009), co-located with the 18th International World Wide Web 
> Conference (WWW2009), Madrid, Spain, 2009
> Bernhard Schandl, Bernhard Haslhofer, Tobias Bürger, Andreas 
> Langegger, and Wolfgang Halb "Linked Data and Multimedia: The State of 
> Affairs" accepted for publication in Multimedia Tools and Applications 
> journal, Special issue 'Semantic Multimedia', Springer, 2010
> Jean-Pierre Evain and Tobias Bürger "Semantic Web, Linked Data, and 
> Broadcasting - more in common than you'd think!" EBU Technical Review 
> - 2011 Q1, 2011.
> Thomas Kurz, Sebastian Schaffert and Tobias Bürger "LMF - A Framework 
> for Linked Media", accepted at MMWeb2011 (forthcoming).
> Looking forward to discuss more on these issues!
> Best regards,
> Tobias
> 2011/6/7 Bailer, Werner <werner.bailer@joanneum.at 
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>     Dear all,
>     The minutes of today's telecon are at
>     http://www.w3.org/2011/06/07-mediaann-minutes.html
>     Best regards,
>     Werner
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