Poll for the 12th MAWG-F2F collocated with iKnow/iSemantics at Graz, Austria

Dear all,

as already outlined, we got the invitation of Michael Granitzer to hold our F2F collocated to the iKnow[1] / iSemantics[2] conference series at Graz. This would be a very good opportunity to get in touch with scientific / industrial researcher and to disseminate our work.

Daniel and Joakim like the idea to have our 12th F2F there - now the question is, what do you think about it. For this purpose, i have set up an Doodle poll. If you are interested to have a F2F there, please indicate the possible dates. If you are not interested, please leave a comment:


It would be really nice, if you could give an answer to this poll in any case by the end of this week, because Michael asked me, what we think about this offer. 


[1] http://i-know.tugraz.at/
[2] http://i-semantics.tugraz.at/
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