Editors with Action Items

Hi joakim, Daniel, Chris,  Wonsuk,

Here are some remaining ACTIONS for you in order to have the Ontology to 
move to CR.


-- LC Comment -2418: NO - partially implemented
Fininsh the style sheet issue.


-- LC Comment -2405: NO - partially implemented:1.1 Purpose of this 
(Action to Joakim to add a paragraph)
make the set of classes and properties the Ontology defines and the 
values. and provide an implementation of the vocabulary in RDF.
--> Joakim, Is this done ?

The abstract and introduction should mention the definition of the RDF 
ontology and the mapping table that will come with it.
--> The abstract and introduction sdoes not mention the definition of 
the RDF ontology

-- LC Comment -2418: NO - partially implemented (Edits are missing)
In general it would be helpful if you could be clearer about what the
normative statements apply to. What is it that MUST do this or that? Is
it an abstract usage of an ontology? A concrete implementation?
Something else?
-->ACTION Joakim: Is this now more clear ?

-- LC Comment -2418: NO - partially implemented

* substantial17:
→ the example of a geocoordinateis is *not added*
Resolutuon was: [About ""it MAY also define a coordinate system that can 
be used to interpret these measurements" Is there a controlled 
vocabulary for these? ", we will give an example of a geocoordinate that 
can be used in this case and rephrase the sentence to avoid the 
confusion about "interpreting the measurements" in the next version of 
the document.]
--> ACTION is for Daniel to write to the Geolocation WG for a suggestion.


-- LC Comment -2394 : NO - partially implemented :  text is still at 
beginning of section 3.1.
ACTION: Chris to implement issue from lc 2394 regarding HTML5 - 
HTMLMediaElement implements MediaResource

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