RE: ACTION ALL to review the Ontology spec before 2nd Last CAll


This is the revision of the RDF with some additional annotation on the use of fragments and the associated hasFragment property. This was discussed off-line with Tobias and Pierre Antoine following a request for clarification from Mari-carmen. We believe these clarifications are useful e.g. to describe an image fragment.

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Mari Carmen,

Thank you for your review.

I have update the spec as follows.

Le 04/02/2011 14:53, Mari Carmen Suárez de Figueroa Baonza a écrit :
> Dear Thierry, and all,
> here you can find my comments.
> abstract
> - a core set of descriptive properties: this document defines --> "a
> core set of descriptive properties. This document defines"

> introduction
> - in the following "properties of our Ontology was selected", 'our
> ontology' should be changed for 'Ontology for Media Resources 1.0'

> terminology
> - "Ontology definition": are not limited to using RDF: implementations
> MAY use --> are not limited to using RDF. Implementations MAY use

> - "Media resource definition": is any physical or logical Resource that
> can be --> is any physical or logical resource that can be

> acknowledgement
> - member list should be updated (maybe including also my name, if you
> consider it logic :-)).

Added your name
> General: (across the document)
> - The use of 'version 1.0' and '1.0' with respect to the Ontology for
> Media Resources should be unified along the text, because sometimes is
> used in the first form and other times in the latter one.

> - Some times ontology appears in lower case and other times starting
> with capital letter (e.g., second and third paragraph of the
> introduction), this should be unified (to be used always the same form).

I unified it. But is some cases the ontology should remain with a lower 
case, when it is use as a general case for ontology (not the Media 

> - It should be clarify explicitly that "Media Ontology" and "Ontology
> for Media Resources" are synonyms

Added in
2 Conformance Requirements

> - Different types of letters are used (e.g. for urls, see section 7.1).
> This should be unified.

Not sure what you mean ?

> Best Regards,
> Mari Carmen.
> Thierry MICHEL escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> Please review carefully the Ontology draft
>> This will be the *last chance* for edits before going to 2nd Last Call.
>> During the next MAWG telecon, the group will take the decision to move
>> to 2nd Last Call.
>> Please report to the mailing list your feedback.
>> Thierry.

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