Re: Discovery of track and named fragment names

Dear Davy, Media Annotations WG,

*Background:* the Media Fragments WG is interested at this stage in 
listing all the technologies that enable track and named fragments 
discovery, i.e., the UA has a way to know for example which tracks are 
available in a particular media file.

Davy has hacked a nice prototype using the ROE format [1]. Hence, the 
following HTTP request:

GET /DownloadServlet/fragf2f.ogv HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/roe

returns a ROE description of the media file 'fragf2f.ogv'.
This ROE description will look like:
<ROE xmlns="">
     <track id="ogg_1" provides="video">
       <mediaSource id="ogg_1_source" content-type="video/theora" 
     <track id="ogg_2" provides="audio">
       <mediaSource id="ogg_2_source" content-type="audio/vorbis" 

So the UA can now request one of the two tracks available.

*Question:* Could the ma:fragments and ma:namedFragments properties be 
used to enable track and named fragments discovery?

> DOMString[] getTrackNames(MediaResource mr) {
> 	Fragment[] fragments = mr.fragments();
> 	DOMString[] tracknames;
> 	for(Fragment f : fragments) {
> 		If(f.role = "Track") {
> 			tracknames.add(f.identifier);
> 		}
> 	}
> 	return tracknames;
> }
> Does this makes sense or am I completely misusing the fragments() function
> here :-)?

Could we make such a use of the Media Ontology API for solving our problem?
Best regards.



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