RE: Definition of subproperties and way forward

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Subject: Definition of subproperties and way forward


We spent too much time for that issue both in Santa Clara and in mailing list. It's time to come up with a direction at this stage I believe. I (chair hat-on) don't have an objection with the summary below from Felix, also, that seems to us very reasonable way for the first step...

Call for your opinion, any strong objection ?

It will be also discussed finally at upcoming teleconf tomorrow.


Soohong Daniel Park
Samsung Electronics, DMC R&D

There seems to be one open question to me: Is it OK for us to start work on subproperties although we have not reached our goals even with the simple properties? IMO, we should first for all simple properties
- define the API methods (done to some extend)
- provide test cases and test suite material (not done at all)
- run the tests with at least two implementations
so that we can be sure to declare victory, even if we don't get to the sub property part.
So I am saying not "no" about sub properties, but postpone work on them until we have done our basic job.

Would you and others agree with that?



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