[mawg]Error handling in the API (was: afterthought about the API)

Dear all,

I wanted to bring this email back under the attention of the group, since we are now getting further with the API. Pierre-Antoine proposed to not use exceptions and to include a method to request a diagnosis when something went wrong. This was also added in the Web IDL description of the generic GET method that I sent yesterday.

It would be very valuable if Silvia (or Doug, don't know if he follows this mailing list) could comment on this topic to state what would be the best way to deal with it.

Kind regards,

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Hi all,

last week, we discussed about return values; I asked why use exception 
rather than null values when no value is available.

Chris's answer was that an exception can carry the *reason* why there 
was no value. I guess the rationale is that reasons could be sth like:
  - property has no value in source
  - property is not specified in source
  - property is not supported by source format
  - value of the property could not be converted to the return datatype

I think this argument makes sense: it is useful to know the reason why 
there is no value.

However, I keep thinking that

   c = md.creator;
   if (c != null) {

is much easier to write and read than

   try {
     c = md.creator;
   catch (err) {
     if (err.name != "NoValue") { throw err; }

so I think (again) that for easing the simple cases, we should strick to 
a null value.

I guess the NoValue.message feature could be replace by somethinh like a 
getDiagnoss() method retrieving the reason for the absence of value. For 
example :

   c = md.creator;
   if (c == null) {
   } else {


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