[mawg] MAWG implementation thoughts

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I was trying to implement a test suite and came across the following
problems/remarks when thinking about scenario1 in the attached figure.


.         Do we need a method in our API to identify the media resource for
which we are giving access to the metadata?

o   I guess that in an implementation we would get an object implementing
the interface through a getMediaResource() method. 

So maybe we can include in the API a method getMediaResource(URI) which
would return an object implementing the API for the specified media


.         Do we need a method in the API to identify the metadata of the
media resource?

o   In some cases the media resource holds the reference to the metadata, in
others the metadata holds the reference to the media resource, and probably
there will be systems where the link between the metadata and media resource
is managed in a higher level.

In this case we can add methods like setMetadataSources(URI[]) so that the
user agent can at least find XML-files that hold the metadata, or get
information on a specific web service that should be called to retrieve the


The second scenario also got me thinking.

.         There is no link between Web IDL and WSDL so I was wondering how
this scenario would in fact be implemented? If such a web service is used
the methods of the web service are not standardized, internally the calls to
the API are standardized (if they are implemented in Java). However what
would be the benefit in this case, I can assume that the web service would
use the API to access different Media Repositories which brings us back to
scenario 1 actually.



Seems that I am still missing the entire picture somehow so feedback on this
is more than welcome!


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