Re: [mawg] AW: [mawg] Re: ACTION-177: API at client/server side

Le 11/11/2009 11:29, Bailer, Werner a écrit :
> Dear Pierre-Antoine,
> we had a discussion about this issue at the F2F, triggered by comments from Doug Schepers. The arguments for having one function are 
> - browser vendors only need to implement one function to support the API

well, ok but that function embeds the complexity of all the small ones
they would have to implement in the other scenario, so...

> - it might be convenient for web developers to query several properties by defining an array with property names and iterate over it
> - extensibility, both to new properties, but also wrt to subtypes, e.g. when we define a subtype "albumTitle" of title one could directly query for it, instead of using a filter on getTitle



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