Re: Comparison of TT and MAWG Metadata Properties

Thanks for this useful review. You might find it interesting to review Table
K-1 [1] to see the source derivation of the ttm:* element vocabulary. As you
can see, it is based in part on SVG (by direct reuse) and MPEG-7 (by
conceptual reuse). We have previously had comments about the abbreviation of
ttm:desc. I personally don't have a strong feeling either way. We simply
used the abbreviation found in SVG, but as you say, it is the only metadata
element name that is an abbreviation, although clearly there are other
element names which are abbreviations in the remaining DFXP vocabulary.

On Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 4:29 PM, Bailer, Werner

> Dear all,
> I have done a review of the metadata elements you propose in the DFXP draft
> to see how this fits together with our work in the media annotations group
> (MAWG). MAWG has defined a set of core properties in a recent working draft
> (
> Data types are not yet defined in this draft, this is currently ongoing
> work.
> Here is an attempt to map the elements between the ttm:* and ma:* elements:
> - ttm:title: maps to a ma:title instance, it is more general as ma:title
> can also have qualifiers that specify the type of title (main, secondary,
> original, ...)
> - ttm:desc: 1:1 mapping to ma:description
> - ttm:copyright: 1:1 mapping to ma:copyright
> - ttm:agent: maps to ma:creator or ma:contributor, ttm:agent has qualifiers
> (person, character, group, organization, other) that specify the type of
> agent rather than the role in the creation process (as for ma:creator and
> ma:contributor)
> -- ttm:name: maps to the content of ma:creator/ma:contributor; there are
> qualifiers for specific name parts or for an unstructured string, similar to
> the structured/unstructured return values drafted for the MAWG API [note
> that there is not yet a public WD of the API]
> -- ttm:actor: links a character to a real-world agent
> To conclude: Most of the ttm elements are covered in the MAWG draft and
> mapping seems to be feasible. You might want to consider renaming "desc" to
> "description", as (i) it is the only abbreviated name and (ii) then all
> elements that map nicely to ma elements would have the same names in both
> vocabularies.
> The only element that is different is the agent element, which not only
> includes creators and contributors, but also fictional characters. While ttm
> lacks a way to express the role in contribution, ma lacks a way to express
> the character impersonated by an actor. Attempting to harmonize this could
> improve both vocabularies.
> Best regards,
> Werner
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