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Hi. Felix.



Do you have any Media RSS data or oo you know how to getting Media RSS data from Services?

I just use the data from Youtube for testing Media RSS. 

But I am looking for another test data for Media RSS.


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Hi Wonsuk,

2009/6/23 이원석 <>

Hi. Felix.

Good suggestion~ I will do.


Concerning your implementation, How could you test the Yahoo MediaRSS format?

The current implementation
is not updated yet, but the principle will be the same: I am selecting an "ma: property", e.g. "ma:title", and I am checking if MediaRSS occurrs in the metadata input. See the code snippet below, the "m" prefix is bound to

<xsl:when test="$property='title'">
<xsl:apply-templates select="$inputDoc//title | $inputDoc//m:title | $inputDoc//v:title | $inputDoc//a:entry/a:title | $inputDoc//dc:title"/>



	Could you let me know?


	Best regards,



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	Subject: Test data for API


	Hi all,
	I have started working on my mapping application
	again, and I am now looking for test data. Others must be in the same situation, so it would be good to have test files. My proposal: gather this data in the wiki via
	and link to the files from
	any opinions? If you agree, just start uploading :)


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