Re: Audio and music?


>> I just came across the following table:
>> which (I hope, otherwise just ignore this email) is maintained by this
>> group.
>> Does the scope of the ontology you aim at developing also encompass
>> audio and music? I was wondering at that when I saw ID3 mentioned in
>> the table.
> The main focus of our group is video. We are also looking into other
> multimedia vocabularies, including ID3. However, I cannot tell (yet) to what
> extend these will be taken into account.

First of all, congratulations on the public draft!

At this occasion, I just took a look at the latest mapping table, and
a few audio or music-related format are taken into account - thanks :)
When reading the table, I noticed that the mapping to your core
properties from existing formats worked really well for flat schemas
(e.g. DC or ID3), but the explanations of the mapping for other
(non-flat) schemas were missing. For example, ma:keyword is mapped to
adaptationOf in FRBR, and ma:title is mapped to realizationOf /
embodymentOf / exemplarOf. It is quite hard to guess (even for
FRBR-savvy people) what that could mean, and how we could proceed to
write a mapper from a FRBR-based vocabulary (e.g. Music Ontology) to
the Ontology for Media Resource. For example, one problem I ran into
when trying to write such a mapper was for a classical music
recording: should ma:title be the title of the work (e.g. Beethoven's
fifth), a title for the performance (e.g. Beethoven's fifth performed
by the LSO) or a title for the track (e.g. Beethoven's fifth performed
by the LSO, LSO at the BBC Proms)? Will there be specific guidelines
for such mappings?


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