RE: F2F 3 and call for comments

Dear all,

I could see the case for the tag line which could be used for annotation
(inc. personal).

As concerns the trailer, thumbnail and other related material, we have
'relation' defined as a pair relation-object.

Technical metadata could make your list explode ;-) but we should try to
think from a player perspective. What can a player do or not do without such
metadata and would users base seach on such technical criteria?

Regards, Jean-Pierre

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Dear all,

I think we should add the elements of the field "descriptive  
metadata", because they are a real improvement. We should discuss,  
whether we need the elements concerning technical metadata. These  
sound quiet interesting, but i´m not sure if they are in the scope of  
our "ontology v1.0" right now - and unfortunately they produce some  
kind of conflicts, as Werner pointed out.

I´m looking forward to today´s telecon.

Best regards,

Am 27.04.2009 um 16:53 schrieb Bailer, Werner:

> Dear Joakim, all,
> I've now looked again at the set of properties we've defined in  
> Barcelona and checked it against sets of metadata properties we have  
> been using in recent project. In general I did not identify really  
> big gaps, however, there are some smaller issues.
> * Concerning descriptive metadata, there are just two minor things  
> that could be added either as separate elements with qualifiers to  
> elements we already have in the set:
> - tag line is a commonly used property for movies (it could also be  
> a specific kind of title)
> - reference to other media representing the content, such as  
> thumbnails, trailers, etc. (could be expressed as a specific type of  
> relation + URI)
> * Concerning technical metadata, I found one important and a few  
> nice to have properties missing:
> - There is no property to describe the number of tracks (and maybe  
> type of tracks), e.g. which audio channels in a surround setup,  
> several language channels, audio commentary, etc., in future  
> probably also several video channels. The MFWG has defined "track  
> fragments" as a specific type of fragment identifier, so the range  
> of options for this kind of fragments for a content must be known.
> - sample type/depth could be useful at least in a limited way, e.g.  
> to express black/white or color, in some application (e.g. medical  
> imaging) a more precise specification could be helpful
> - file size/bit rate could be useful for media to be downloaded/ 
> streamed
> - I know we excluded temporal sampling rate, but I'm not sure why it  
> should be excluded when spatial sampling rate is included
> Best regards,
> Werner
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>> Folks,
>> The third F2F was successfully conducted at UPC in Barcelona.
>> Thanks to the hosts and all present participants! You did a
>> really good job and we had some very constructive and discussions.
>> As a result of this meeting we now have a set of "Media
>> Annotations Attributes". It is a very important result since
>> it will be the foundation of our second publication "Media
>> Entity Ontology".
>> be found on our Wiki:
>> Best regards
>> Joakim

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