question about XMP properties in the mapping table

Doing my review for ID3, I noticed two mentions in the mapping table, in
the descriptions of XMP properties, that are not from the XMP spec.

"In dc:title" (in the description of xmpDM:album)
"In dc:creator (in the description of xmpDM:composer)
"Related to dc:extend" (xmpDM:duration)
"Belong to dc:description"

Also I think it is a good idea (there are definitely overlaps btwn dc:
and xmpDM:), I think this is matter to discussion as well...

So I raise a question that VĂ©ronique raised once: shouldn't we review
the DC / XMP mapping, even if DC is supposed to be a part of XMP?

(I consider it all the more relevant that I noticed some discrepancies
btw definition of DC terms btw the Dublin Core documents and the XMP


Received on Thursday, 2 April 2009 16:13:08 UTC