Re: [new use case suggestion] Use Case - Digital imaging lifecycle

Dear all,

> as you said below, in some formats like EXIF there is no separation 
> between "historic" and metadata of the resource, and in others there is. 
> Again I think we need to decide: how many details do we want to take 
> into account? I think for metadata interoperability, the EXIF+others 
> approach from the metadata WG is sufficient. What do you think?

At this stage, I think it is not wise to take a final decision of what 
goes in the media ontology (and what does not). A very good approach is 
however to document all the possible alternatives (i.e. precisely 
describe for each formats/standards what they can do). It will be useful 
at the end for justifying the rationale behind the ontology modeling and 

Ruben, Victor (the UPC gang), do you have write access to the wiki? What 
about adding there the use cases you have sent to the list and 
completing the existing ones?
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