RE: [new use case suggestion] Use Case - Digital imaging lifecycle

I just want to highlight the future need to keep track of altered media. In case you did not yet hear about this usage of video personalization:
Quite funny, a very good example of personalization in advertisements and I could image also quite effective.  It is about modifying video so that you get a personal message, and is thereby potentially very efficient.


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Felix Sasaki a écrit :
> Hello Ruben, all,
> sorry for the late reply. Reading your proposal I think it is 
> interesting for the photo use case. However I remember that we discussed 
> at the f2f meeting about the focus of the Working Group, and most of the 
> people want it to be video, with the possibility to take other use cases 
> into account if their requirements overlap more or less with video.I am 
> a bit worried that your description is too far away from that use case. 
> What do others think?

Although the examples given by Rubén are quite specific to still images, 
it seems to me that a similar kind of concern exist for video: video can 
be digitalized from analog media, captured by digital devices or 
generated; they can be altered in several ways (re-encoding, subtitling, 

So I think this is relevant to video (and probably any kind of media) at 
least to some extent.


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