Re: W3C maps URI

On Thu, 2020-04-16 at 14:33 -0600, Amelia Bellamy-Royds wrote:
> But there's a second issue: only the index page is getting proxied,
> no matter what URL you use.
> E.g., just
> fetches the Overview page HTML. 
> And that means that the CSS still isn't working, because the
> stylesheet URL also just fetches the home page HTML!
> Hopefully that's a simple fix on your end, Ted. Once you've get the
> proxy fully working, I'd appreciate if you run the whole thing
> through the W3C link checker, just to be sure I haven't missed any
> mangled URLs.

Yep, I missed something on my end, fixed.

Ted Guild <>
W3C Automotive Lead

Received on Friday, 17 April 2020 13:58:41 UTC