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Re: Minimum Screen Resolution for AA1.4.4 Resize Text

From: Jonathan Avila <jon.avila@ssbbartgroup.com>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2016 13:32:45 +0000
To: Erich Manser <emanser@us.ibm.com>
CC: Low Vision Task Force <public-low-vision-a11y-tf@w3.org>
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I use 800x600 on the desktop.    But I do understand there may need to be some starting level for testing the current resize text requirement   For desktop 1024x768 seems reasonable as a base for desktop/laptop.   Mobile would likely be different and both would need to be in terms of device independ pixels as well. IMO.


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On Mar 4, 2016, at 4:54 AM, Erich Manser <emanser@us.ibm.com<mailto:emanser@us.ibm.com>> wrote:

What are the minimum standards being used currently for screen resolution?

Does it bear examination to ensure an updated standard, perhaps in terms of pixel conversion?:
Pixel converter link: http://auctionrepair.com/pixels.html

Also, wondering if there even should be a minimum screen resolution as implied by technique G178.<https://www.w3.org/TR/2012/NOTE-WCAG20-TECHS-20120103/G178#G178-tests> The test procedure indicates to start with 1024x768 or higher. What if someone is using a cell phone or tablet? Believe the iPad can support 1024x768 but most phones run much smaller. Desktops however have increased the resolution considerably.

Does the technique need to be updated or should there be a clarification that the text to support zoom of up 200% start at the default resolution for the device?

For Windows desktop applications, where the default resolution may start at 1920x1200, we find that the default DPI is set to 150%. For testing large and extra large fonts, we recommend that teams set a custom DPI of 225% and 300% respectively rather than just go up to 200%. This is different from user agent zoom though which does handle zooming to 200%

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you

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