Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

On 3/29/13 9:59 AM, Barry Norton wrote:
> Kingsley, do you have a particular form in mind?

You mean an ontology for product descriptions for the Turtle doc? If 
that's the question, then not specifically, because I am actually trying 
(once again) to get this community to use this as a dog-food exercise.
> I've suggested to Maria a simple SKOS taxonomy reflecting the 
> organisation of tools in the curriculum, tagging DoaP descriptions 
> (retrieved or reconstructed).

That's a good start. The key is that the Turtle doc gets published, then 
my hope is that the community evolves it across the TBox, RBox, and ABox 
dimensions. In the process, we also setup context for some RWW Linked 
Data and the utility of WebID based ACLs etc..

> I'm particularly interested in EUCLID as we're committed to monitoring 
> the discussion on fora such as this, and this would be a great source 
> of both labels and aggregation (there are some tools whose mention is 
> rather seldom - certainly a few have come up that I hadn't heard of).
> Rather than fixed Turtle I'd provide an endpoint at the project 
> server, together with the monitoring results.

I there's a SPARQL endpoint that can emit Turtle via SPARQL Protocol 
URLs that's fine too since those interested than then fork, tweak, and 
make pull requests etc..

If this goes to Github, then that's fine too, making Linked Data from 
Github data is already delivered by URIBurner etc.

Examples W3C Groups:

JSON-LD (Github):

[1] -- Overview by Issue Creators ( data 
space) using Faceted Browsing Interface
[2] -- Basic Linked Data Description (see page 
footer for alternative description graph representation formats).

Linked Data Platform Group (W3C Tracker):

[1] -- Overview by Issue Creators ( data 
space) .
[2] -- Overview by Issue Creators (URIBurner data 
space by changing _hostname_ [_authority_] part of URI to 

WebID Community Group (W3C Tracker):

[1] -- Overview by Issue Creator ( data 
space) .
[2] -- Overview by Issue Creator (URIBurner data 
space by changing _hostname_ [_authority_] part of URI to 

> Barry
> On 29/03/13 13:50, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> On 3/29/13 9:41 AM, Maria Maleshkova wrote:
>>> Thank you for the feedback!
>>> I am currently collecting as many visualisation-tools and have to 
>>> started to classify them a bit,  to list the type of functionalities 
>>> that they support and the level of maturity of the implementation 
>>> (prototype vs. product)
>>> This is why the list in the outline was a bit incomplete.
>>> Naturally, I will post the results here, hoping to get them ready 
>>> quire soon.
>> What about publishing a Turtle doc?



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