Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

This is a nice idea suggested by Bernadette.

If you decide to follow it, please consider including Synth, a model-driven framework for building Linked Data applications built on top of Ruby on Rails (but with many modifications) -

On Mar 28, 2013, at 16:05  - 28/03/13, Bernadette Hyland <> wrote:

> Hi Maria,
> Happy to see you're compiling a survey of topics & tools.  May I suggest adding a category called "Linked Data Frameworks" (a peer to Linked Data Browsers).  
> For example, in the Linked Data Frameworks category it may include: Callimachus Open Source, OpenLink Software's Virtuoso Open-Source Edition and TopBraid Composer, and others. Note, I don't think these products are direct competitors, rather a class of enterprise products that build on Linked Data.  I'll leave it to the respective companies to describe their products.  
> I'm involved with the Callimachus Open Source Project.  Callimachus allows Web developers to build applications on Linked Data from your Web browser. [1]   The Callimachus Project is being used for Linked Data projects within federal government, healthcare, pharma, publishing and research.[2]   Visualizations supported by Callimachus include Google Chart Tools, D3.js visualizations, JQuery plug-ins such as DataTables and others.
> Thanks for your consideration of adding a possible new category & this OS project.  We look forward to seeing the final survey if you publish it to the list!
> Cheers,
> Bernadette Hyland
> [1]
> [2]

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