Re: Visualizing Linked Data - did we miss anything?

Hi Maria,
Happy to see you're compiling a survey of topics & tools.  May I suggest adding a category called "Linked Data Frameworks" (a peer to Linked Data Browsers).  

For example, in the Linked Data Frameworks category it may include: Callimachus Open Source, OpenLink Software's Virtuoso Open-Source Edition and TopBraid Composer, and others. Note, I don't think these products are direct competitors, rather a class of enterprise products that build on Linked Data.  I'll leave it to the respective companies to describe their products.  

I'm involved with the Callimachus Open Source Project.  Callimachus allows Web developers to build applications on Linked Data from your Web browser. [1]   The Callimachus Project is being used for Linked Data projects within federal government, healthcare, pharma, publishing and research.[2]   Visualizations supported by Callimachus include Google Chart Tools, D3.js visualizations, JQuery plug-ins such as DataTables and others.

Thanks for your consideration of adding a possible new category & this OS project.  We look forward to seeing the final survey if you publish it to the list!

Bernadette Hyland


PS.  A new book called "Linked Data: Structured data on the Web".  It is intended to help educate Web developers & practitioners on the use of Linked Data, including visualizations. Authors include: D. Wood, M. Zaidman, L. Ruth and M. Hausenblas.  It will be available in soft back in June 2013. The first chapter if free & gives a good overview.  See

On Mar 27, 2013, at 12:49 PM, Maria Maleshkova <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> we are trying to compile a survey of topics and tools for visualizing Linked Data. This is part of the contributions of the European project EUCLID (, which aims to provide an educational curriculum for Linked Data practitioners. So far we have created training materials on introducing the Linked Data principles and application scenarios [1], and on querying Linked Data [2]. Currently we are working on covering visualization. If you are a developer or a user of methods or tools, which are relevant and we have missed, please let us know (direct reply to the email or and on Twitter
> All training materials produced by EUCLID are freely available [3] (Attribution) and can be reused for trainings and educational activities. 
>  Linked Data Visualization
> Visualisation Techniques
> Visualizing the Linked Data Cloud
> Requirement for Visualisation Tools
> Visualizing Different Data Dimensions
> Existing Linked Data Visualisations
> Simple bar and pie charts, histograms, line and scatterplots
> Node-link tree and graph visualisations, in both 2D and 3D
> Matrices, parallel co-ordinates
> Timeline and topology plots, map and landscape views
> Space-filling visualisations such as tree maps, rose diagrams, icicle, bubble and sunburst plots
> Iconography, including star and glyph plots
> Text-based
> Linked Data Browsers
>, sindice, OpenLink RDF Browser, Marbles, Disco - Disco Hyperdata Browser, Piggy Bank, part of SIMILE, Zitgist DataViewer, iLOD, URI Burner
> Browsers with Visualisation Options
> Tabulator, IsaViz, OpenLink Data Explorer, RDF Gravity, RelFinder, DBpedia Mobile, LESS
> Further: SIMILE Exhibit, Haystack, FoaF Explorer, Humboldt, LENA, Noadster, mSpace, Revyv, RKBExplorer, Semanlink
> Visualisation toolkits
> Information Workbench Linked Open Data, Graves
> SPARQL Visualisation
> Thank you for your feedback!
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> [1]
> [2],,
> [3] Attribution 3.0 Unprotected
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