WWW 2012 metadata available + applications for metadata challenge

We have the pleasure to announce that the metadata of the World Wide Web 
Conference have been released in RDF format on the Semantic Web Dog Food 
server [1]. It contains information about:

  - the papers at the main track, the demo track, the developer track, 
the industry track, the poster track, the European project track;
  - the authors with their affiliations;
  - the various committee members with their affiliations;
  - the presentations for these tracks along with the places, sessions 
and tracks where they will occur;
  - the panels, keynotes, moderators, session chairs,
  - the papers, authors and committee of 13 workshops: AdMIRE2012, 
CQA2012, EWFE2012, Email2012, LDOW2012, LiLe2012, MSND2012, SWSC2012, 
TempWeb2012, WI&C2012, WS-REST2012, WebQuality2012, USEWOD2012.

In additional to this release, there have been 5 submissions to the 
metadata challenge [2], 4 of which will be featured for the price 
(sponsored by Antidot [3]) plus an additional student application. The 
applications of the challenge, are available for all the conference 
attendees to try and people will be able to vote for their preferred 
application. This will be taken into account to determine the winner.

We encourage everybody (not only conference attendees) to try these 
applications, provide feedback to their respective authors and provide 
feedback to us if you notice any inaccuracies in the datasets.

[1] Semantic Web Dog Food. http://data.semanticweb.org/
[2] Metadata Challenge. http://azimmerm.no-ip.org/metadata.html
[3] Antidot. http://www.antidot.net/
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