Linked Data Cup - Deadline Extension until April 25th, 2012

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- Deadline extension until April 25th, 2012
- The total amount of 2,000 EUR (sponsored by Wolters Kluwer) will be 
awarded in prizes and split among the most promising applications.
- Linked Data Cup Board updated:
Linked Data Cup 2012
co-located with the I-Semantics 2012
Graz, Austria, 5 - 7 September 2012
The yearly organised Linked Data Cup (formerly Triplification Challenge) 
awards prizes to the most promising innovation involving linked data. 
Four different technological topics are addressed: triplification, 
interlinking, cleansing, and application mash-ups. The Linked Data Cup 
invites scientists and practitioners to submit novel and innovative (5 
star) linked data sets and applications built on linked data technology.
Although more and more data is triplified and published as RDF and 
linked data, the question arises how to evaluate the usefulness of such 
approaches. The Linked Data Cup therefore requires all submissions to 
include a concrete use case and problem statement alongside a solution 
(triplified data set, interlinking/cleansing approach, linked data 
application) that showcases the usefulness of linked data. Submissions 
that can provide measurable benefits of employing linked data over 
traditional methods are preferred.
Note that the call is not limited to any domain or target group. We 
accept submissions ranging from value-added business intelligence use 
cases to scientific networks to the longest tail [1] of information 
domains. The only strict requirement is that the employment of linked 
data is very well motivated and also justified (i.e. we rank approaches 
higher that provide solutions, which could not have been realised 
without linked data, even if they lack technical or scientific 
brilliance). The total amount of 2,000 EUR (sponsored by Wolters Kluwer) 
will be awarded in prizes and split among the most promising applications.

Evaluation Criteria
The submissions will be initially evaluated with a well-known five star 
ranking system [2]. Furthermore, entries will be assessed according to 
the extent to which they
1. motivate the relevancy of their use case for their respective domain;
2. justify the adequacy of linked data technologies for their solution;
3. demonstrate that all alternatives to linked data would have resulted 
in an inferior solution;
4. provide an evaluation that can measure the benefits of linked data

Ideas for topics include (but are not limited to):
* Improving traditional approaches with help of linked data
* Linked data use in science and education
* Linked data supported multimedia applications
* Linked data in the open source context
* Web annotation
* Generic applications
* Internationalization of linked data
* Visualization of linked data
* Linked government data
* Business models based on linked data
* Recommender systems supported by linked data
* Integrating microposts with linked data
* Distributed social web based on linked data
* Linked data sensor networks

Submission and Reviewing
Submissions to the Linked Data Cup will be reviewed by members of the 
Linked Data Cup Board and invited experts from the Linked Data community.
Submissions should consist of 4 pages and must be original and must not 
have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Papers should follow the 
ACM ICPS guidelines for formatting as accepted submissions will be 
published in the I-SEMANTICS 2012 proceedings in the digital library of 
the ACM ICP series. Please read the submission page[a] for detailed 
information on how to submit.
Important Dates (Linked Data Cup)
1. Paper Submission Deadline: April 25, 2012
2. Notification of Acceptance: May 21, 2012
3. Camera-Ready Paper: June 11, 2012



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