Re: WWW 2012 metadata available + applications for metadata challenge

On 4/15/12 10:10 AM, Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
> We have the pleasure to announce that the metadata of the World Wide 
> Web Conference have been released in RDF format on the Semantic Web 
> Dog Food server [1]. It contains information about:
>  - the papers at the main track, the demo track, the developer track, 
> the industry track, the poster track, the European project track;
>  - the authors with their affiliations;
>  - the various committee members with their affiliations;
>  - the presentations for these tracks along with the places, sessions 
> and tracks where they will occur;
>  - the panels, keynotes, moderators, session chairs,
>  - the papers, authors and committee of 13 workshops: AdMIRE2012, 
> CQA2012, EWFE2012, Email2012, LDOW2012, LiLe2012, MSND2012, SWSC2012, 
> TempWeb2012, WI&C2012, WS-REST2012, WebQuality2012, USEWOD2012.
> In additional to this release, there have been 5 submissions to the 
> metadata challenge [2], 4 of which will be featured for the price 
> (sponsored by Antidot [3]) plus an additional student application. The 
> applications of the challenge, are available for all the conference 
> attendees to try and people will be able to vote for their preferred 
> application. This will be taken into account to determine the winner.
> We encourage everybody (not only conference attendees) to try these 
> applications, provide feedback to their respective authors and provide 
> feedback to us if you notice any inaccuracies in the datasets.
> [1] Semantic Web Dog Food.
> [2] Metadata Challenge.
> [3] Antidot.

Great job!




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