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Re: Is 303 really necessary?

From: Hugh Glaser <hg@ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 17:50:23 +0000
To: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
CC: "public-lod@w3.org" <public-lod@w3.org>
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Thanks Kingsley.

On 04/11/2010 23:43, "Kingsley Idehen" <kidehen@openlinksw.com> wrote:

<big snip of very helpful analysis of why the
http://www.uk-postcodes.com/postcode/AB101AA URI responses might be

>    To conclude, is this URL:
>    <http://www.uk-postcodes.com/postcode/AB101AA>
><http://www.uk-postcodes.com/postcode/AB101AA>, what you
>    regard as the best practice?
Absolutely not! :-)
The point I was trying to make in that bit of my message was that there
are already URIs that are responding in this way out there in the wild (in
our LOD Cloud, by the way), and perhaps it would be useful to give some
guidance as to how to improve things if that is the route the publisher
wants (or insists) to go.

<more snip>

Sorry, Stuart, not meaning to have a go at you here!
It was just that, as the discussion started, your URIs happened to cross
my screen for sameAs.org inclusion (all there now), and I usually have a
quick check of these things before consuming.
I could have used other URIs just as easily.

Very best
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