Re: Java Framework for Content Negotiation

On 20.05.2010 12:18, Michael Hausenblas wrote:
>> There's also Jersey [1]  ...
> +1 to Jersey - had overall very good experience with it. If you want to have
> a quick look (not saying it's beautiful/exciting, but might helps to
> kick-start things) see [1] for my hacking with it.
> Cheers,
>        Michael
> [1]

Mmh, i have been thinking about using REST-Webservice already, but there 
is one thing i'm quite unsteady with:

I might have a non-information resource

I could place a REST-Webservice there and do content negotiation with 
@GET / @Produces Annotations. But this seems not correct to me, because 
it is a non-information resource and not a html or rdf/xml document. So 
it should never return html or rdf/xml but do a 303 redirect to an 
information resource instead, doesn't it?

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