List of public datasets on CKAN?

Hi all,

I understand the main lists of public datasets for the LOD project are at:

Many of these datasets are on CKAN (, which is an
open source registry of open datasets and other knowledge resources.
For example, see the package pages for Freebase
( or DMOZ
( You can also see other
collections of data, such as 'eutransparency'
( or 'science'

I'm writing to ask whether the LOD community think it would be useful
to add more of the LOD datasets to CKAN? LOD datsets could have a
'linkedopendata' or 'lod' tag. Advantages of doing this might include:

    * Ability to tag resources by subject matter, and to include tags
on access, format, ...
    * We could provide CKAN data as RDF (as well as current JSON)
    * We're working on something like 'apt-get' for the knowledge
packages, so (multiple) datasets can be automatically grabbed...
    * More flexibility than HTML table?

Also I'd be really interested to hear what kinds of things might be
most useful for the LOD community! E.g. would it be useful to be able
to generate a dump based on a particular tag? Or to have provision for
domain specific metadata (e.g. geodata bounding box, ...). CKAN exists
to make life easier for people working with open data!

What do people think?

Jonathan Gray

Community Coordinator
The Open Knowledge Foundation

Received on Tuesday, 23 June 2009 23:01:01 UTC