Re: List of public datasets on CKAN?

Hi Jonathan

CKAN is a great and clean resource I was not aware of. Shame on me!
BTW just corrected the package 
which was written *linkvoj*.
Actually that was a great typo, I should have thought of it when 
creating the resource, too late now, cool URIs don't change.
And along with the current debate on LOD licensing, it figures I should 
clarify the license, but the arguments are very arcane from my non 
anglo-saxon non-lawyer viewpoint I must say.
So basically just waiting for reliable people to tell me : just do that, 
it's the best practice :)).

On a more general level, great idea to have a RDF description of the 
packages. Which ontology would you use? Seems do me that DC terms 
descriptions should be easy to do to begin with.


> Hi all,
> I understand the main lists of public datasets for the LOD project are at:
> Many of these datasets are on CKAN (, which is an
> open source registry of open datasets and other knowledge resources.
> For example, see the package pages for Freebase
> ( or DMOZ
> ( You can also see other
> collections of data, such as 'eutransparency'
> ( or 'science'
> (
> I'm writing to ask whether the LOD community think it would be useful
> to add more of the LOD datasets to CKAN? LOD datsets could have a
> 'linkedopendata' or 'lod' tag. Advantages of doing this might include:
>     * Ability to tag resources by subject matter, and to include tags
> on access, format, ...
>     * We could provide CKAN data as RDF (as well as current JSON)
>     * We're working on something like 'apt-get' for the knowledge
> packages, so (multiple) datasets can be automatically grabbed...
>     * More flexibility than HTML table?
> Also I'd be really interested to hear what kinds of things might be
> most useful for the LOD community! E.g. would it be useful to be able
> to generate a dump based on a particular tag? Or to have provision for
> domain specific metadata (e.g. geodata bounding box, ...). CKAN exists
> to make life easier for people working with open data!
> What do people think?


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