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>>> a New Zealander and a Kiwifruit)
>>> throws up a radio station, an animated cartoon and lots of wordnet links to
>>> a
>>> juggle of plumbing but no juice.  No sign of
>>> however
>> Ah.
>> We only look at the first n results from Sindice, and clearly kiwi is a
>> popular name.
>> Clicking on the sindice link will show you what we got.
>> However, I see that using "kiwi bird" gives a decent return, so all is not
>> lost.
>> Best
>> Hugh
> we definitely have to improve here, luckly we know what's wrong and
> what's next and its coming. the ranking works decently for some
> entities but less for others.
> a major fix of this hopefully before summer break
> Giovanni
Not sure it needs much "fixing", but I guess things can always be improved.
I can immediately think of 3 or 4 non-bird Kiwi meanings that I would expect
to come above the bird.
It's a great example of why SW/LD helps us, and we can do things like
Kingsley's post.

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