Using Entity Type and Properties to disambiguate search

Chris Wallace wrote:
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> - not your problem but I note that search via Sindice is rather 
> disappointing  - for example
>   (a general term for a flightless bird 
> found in New Zealand divided into several species, but also a 
> colloquial expression for a New Zealander and a Kiwifruit)

I am curious about your experience re. pattern: Kiwi, when entered into 
the Full Text Search Field of the service at: 
. When I performed this test I had the option to use "Type" to filter 
the collection of Entities associated with the pattern. That single step 
enabled me to select "yago:BirdsOfNewZealand" and then simply ask for a 
display of associated Entities.

I am particulary interested in your searches re. "New Zealand" (past and 
present) as I am not convinced your initial experience with our service 
truly revealed what it offered (e.g., you could even seem to find much 
about the country: "New Zealand"). 

The essence of what we offer is the ability to  accurately "Find" 
descriptions of Entities using Type and Properties across a huge corpus 
of interlinked data.



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